Thursday, March 19, 2009

3 Tips to Increase Website Traffic

By Mack M. Michaels

Generating website traffic is critical to the success of every website. Using social elements of the internet is a great way to send traffic to your site. Read three tips to increase website traffic.

Blog Commenting

People are interested in knowing what other people think, which makes blog commenting incredibly popular. Finding an article relating to your website then providing a useful, informative blog comment can send a new wave of visitors to your website.

If viewers find your comment insightful or entertaining they will be more likely to visit your website to read your other viewpoints on similar topics.

Social Bookmarking

With a wealth of content and new websites added to the internet everyday, a lot of people have taken advantage of social bookmarking sites to categorize their favorite places on the internet.

Adding your website or several articles you've written to social bookmarking sites will place your content in front of thousands of visitors. It also gives you the opportunity to target a specific audience through the use of categories and tags.

People who utilize social bookmarking sites will often search through the websites and articles other people are bookmarking which can dramatically increase exposure if your website gains popularity.

Video Marketing

The use of streaming online video has not only gained wide acceptance it will soon become expected by most web users. Creating a video then submitting it for others to watch is a great way to generate traffic.

Using humor or providing a controversial viewpoint on a popular subject will draw lots of views and also encourage viewers to link back to your video. If your video is entertaining viewers will want to visit your website to find similar content.

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