Thursday, March 5, 2009

Improve Your Take Rate with Landing Pages

In our previous article, Five Steps to Building a Successful Marketing Campaign, we outlined five steps that go into building a successful marketing program. If you’ve read that, then you understand the importance that planning and research have in marketing success. Even if you foolishly elect to ignore all that advice, you can improve your results by doing just one thing differently: use online landing pages to take your customers directly to the specific information that you want them to see. Landing pages by themselves are not the answer, but you can improve your results just by implementing one.
Here are the five steps you need to know to make the most of them:

1. Create One (a landing page).
You’re going to make an offer that customers are going to respond to, don’t make them search for the offer/product again by sending the main page of your site. Take them directly to a landing page that delivers on the offer you sent. From your landing page, customers should be able to do three things:

  • Learn about the offer
  • Buy whatever widgets your promoted in your communication
  • Shop for other widgets

2. Get People to Your Page.
Consumers respond to offers, so you’ve got to have something to offer. Without something to respond to, then your limiting your traffic and therefore limiting your ability to sell. So the first step is to extend an offer with a call to action that drives customers online to the unique landing page that you’ve created for this offer.

3. Know the Context of Your Copy.
You can link to the most appropriate location in your site based on the context of your copy. If you’re talking about the offer, link to the an offer specific page; when discussing a product, then link directly to the product page; if your talking generally about the company, only then should you consider linking to the main or about us page. BUT whatever page you take them to, make sure it pays off on the offer and the customer can still do the three things we explained in the previous step: learn, buy or shop.

4. Measure the Response.
Free Download, 20% Off, Buy Two, Get One Free – your customers won’t all respond to the same one offer equally so it’s important to test variations and to measure the response of each. Since each will appeal to different customers at a different time, don’t completely write off an offer if it’s not successful. Use the response information to better target your messages and offers.

5. Monitor the Results.
The great thing about online is that it’s an extremely flexible medium. You can immediately change the copy or offer if one element is not performing relative to the other variables. To get the most out of your campaign, you’ll need to monitor the response and sales rate of your offer. Know matter how the campaign is performing, you should plan on making some adjustments. Use the data you’ve gathered to make those decisions, then monitor and repeat until the program is complete.

Your marketing efforts and develop a consistent call to action for all your material and plan your channel

For example:

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