Thursday, March 26, 2009

Branding Marketing Guide

By Richard Dennis

In order to really get the value, attraction, and recognition of branding, you need to understand exactly what it means to spotlight your brand. It's a different consumer effect and response than regular advertising, and it's important to have a firm picture of what makes it so visible and unique.

Maybe the easiest way to clarify is to ask: What is the first thing you think of?

What is your first thought or awareness when I say, "Walmart"?

For me, I think of the short mission statement motto that has engraved recognition into my brain: "Save money. Live better." Second, I feel the presence of the smiling greeter when you walk into the store. You can depend on that Walmart tradition - someone is always there to welcome you. And third is the phrase, "everyday low price." Lots of stores use that positioning now ... but to me, it will always mean Walmart. That is a stand-out promotion for them, when I see those words in some competitor store, but still think of Walmart.

The second example that comes quickly to mind of a brand that has really creates an impression is Scott Ginsberg. You can find Scott at the website, Several years ago, Scott decided to brand himself as the owner of the word "approachability." His goal was that anytime someone wanted to learn to be more approachable, they'd think of him ... or find him. The Wall Street Journal did a front-page article on approachability and featured Scott. If you Google "approachability," the #1 listing is a signature article written by ... Scott Ginsberg. And the article, of course, leads to his unforgettable website.

So branding is actually owning an idea in people's minds. Once you understand that, you can then work out a targeted plan to achieve it for your own business, online or offline.

Only results count. Richard Dennis submitted 20 short articles in 10 days. Result? Google lists 18 of the 20 articles in its top 4 search results. In fact, 14 articles are #1 ... against many millions of competing pages. See the proof at, and get your free step-by-step plan for how you can do the same.

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